No Two Granite Countertops are the Same

You can have the same granite countertop from the same manufacturer, as well as the same color scheme. In the end, however, no two countertops are alike.

Granite is a hodgepodge of minerals, mostly feldspar and quartz, which more or less influence the outcome of a granite slab’s pattern. Except for sealants to protect its porous surface from spills, granite countertop manufacturers never put anything to influence its color. They simply cut the slab as is into usable pieces.

Geologists say granite has different proportions of minerals. Granite with more feldspar and less quartz and granite with less feldspar and more quartz are, more or less, granite. Feldspar, which comprises between 40 and 70 percent of granite, comes in different colors like pink, green, and white (default color); but it isn’t the only one.

Micas and amphiboles give granite their dark color, as there are no dark-colored feldspars. Green granite, although possible, is relatively rare because of the rarity of the feldspar used in the mixture: amazonite. By default, granite countertops come in gray hues, which points to a significant amount of mica and pyroxenes.

Nevertheless, the fact that granite countertop dealers offer various granite patterns means they get their granite from various areas. It’s difficult to replicate these designs artificially.


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