Granite Stones: From Quarries to Countertops

Among the many materials used in home and building construction, granite is one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing. Its sturdiness, strength, and resistance to heat, water, and dirt make it perfect for kitchen and bathroom uses. Made of a variety of minerals, like quartz and feldspar, bonded together by extreme heat and pressure, granite is one of the most beneficial materials to have come out for construction use.

Granite stones are mined from quarries. Raw granite is cut into slabs at sizes suitable for construction use. Because of the stones’ toughness, power tools are needed to cut and shape them.

Handling granite needs to be done with precision. Careful measurements have to be made before they are cut. Special blades are also needed in cutting granite to avoid rough edges and chipping. The latter can happen from too much vibration of saw blades, particularly when the cutting is done by an amateur.

Granite slabs can also be shaped to go with various application needs. For example, they can be curved or rounded to go on countertop corners or edges. Careful methods must be practiced in shaping a piece, using special contour blades.

Once granite is installed, it is advisable to seal it to keep liquids from seeping into its pores. By nature, granite is moisture and dirt resistant, but sealing enhances these qualities even more, and makes the surface easier to clean.


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