Kitchen Colors: Choosing Floor Tiles and Countertops in St. Louis

Match either the dominant countertop color or one of its secondary colors with a floor tile that is similar in hue. Use black galaxy granite containing speckles of bronze against a porcelain tile floor with a muted orange base that accents the bronze. Install a ubatuba black granite countertop over white cabinetry and finish the look with white porcelain tiles, preferably with a pattern to prevent slipping.

Choose only the most durable St. Louis countertops and floor tiles that are bound to last for a long time. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of your new color-synchronized kitchen without the disadvantage of having to take everything out for repairs or replacement every so often. Always remember, though, that in the end, quality should have precedence over style and aesthetics.


St. Louis Granite Countertops Will Keep Kitchens Look and Feel Clean

“Restaurant kitchens aren’t the only places that need hygienic environments to be able to serve good food. Mound City households that want to maintain a “healthy” kitchen while preparing dinner should consider getting granite countertops from St. Louis granite fabricators, such as Granite Busters, to help keep their kitchen spic-and-span.

Kitchens can easily become breeding grounds for different types of bacteria. As the article mentions, countertops and utensils that come in contact with food can carry different kinds of germs. These food-related bacteria can cause serious illnesses among family members.”

St. Louis Granite Suppliers Can Help Boost the Value of Your Home

“The housing industry is making strides, as prices are slowly but surely reaching pre-economic-meltdown averages. Homeowners who were previously hesitant to enter the market are now more than welcome to list their homes for sale. Many of them, however, understand that selling a house can become an arduous task, despite the recovering rates and rosy outlook.

Buyers are picky, and it can take a significant amount of time before a home seller can reel in a potential buyer. For this reason, homeowners who want to attract buyers should consider having a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation, and should approach a St. Louis granite supplier for bath fixture and countertop materials.”

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider Granite Countertops from St. Louis

Anti-bacterial Properties

Bacteria can grow on virtually any type of surface; however, you can safely cross off granite from that long list. Granite naturally inhibits the growth rate of harmful bacteria, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen. At the same time, granite is very easy to clean, allowing you to further eliminate the chance of bacteria contaminating the food you prepare.

Readily Available

Granite is a naturally occurring material, which allows it to be collected easily in quarries with no threat of running out. Advances in technology have also been able to significantly reduce the price of granite countertops. In fact, the price of granite today can go toe-to-toe with artificial surface materials like solid surfacing.

Granite Countertops in St. Louis: Providing the Jazz in Your Home Bar

“Granite countertops

According to Godbole, a granite countertop is the first thing that comes to mind when people plan to set up a bar at home. Granite countertops are already popular among kitchen remodelers for their ease of maintenance. If you want your home bar to be an extension of your dining area and kitchen, consider countertops that are of the same color as those of the areas mentioned, for consistency.

Seamless design

Some remodeling experts recommend keeping the wet bar countertop as seamless as possible. This usually means designing a cabinet with typical bar features such as a mini refrigerator, drawers for the utensils, and a sink. Your contractor can cut a large hole through the countertop to accommodate the sink fixture and other accent pieces.”

No Two Granite Countertops are the Same

You can have the same granite countertop from the same manufacturer, as well as the same color scheme. In the end, however, no two countertops are alike.

Granite is a hodgepodge of minerals, mostly feldspar and quartz, which more or less influence the outcome of a granite slab’s pattern. Except for sealants to protect its porous surface from spills, granite countertop manufacturers never put anything to influence its color. They simply cut the slab as is into usable pieces. Read More…

Choosing the Right Granite Color

Adding a granite countertop to your kitchen will instantly make it more appealing and functional. After choosing the right countertop size and style though, you’re probably wondering what color you should get. Countertops are a major focal point, so you don’t want its hue to clash with the rest of your kitchen or disappear meekly into the background. To help you find the perfect shade, here are some tips to consider:

Picture This
Before heading out to a retailer, use a camera or your smartphone to take pictures of your kitchen. Make sure to snap photos of your walls, floors, windows, cabinets and your dining set. When you get to the store, hold up the pictures against the displayed countertops to get a better idea of what color works for your kitchen.

Light or Dark
If you want a sleek, sophisticated look, go for a darker countertop. You can pair a black countertop light-colored cabinets, for example. Do note that darker colors can make a room feel smaller. If you want an open, inviting feel on the other hand, lighter colors like cream or beige are great choices.

Try it Out
Many countertop manufacturers have virtual tools that help you visualize what their countertop would look like in your home. Cycle through the various shades they offer till you find one that you love.