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Make Mine Mineral: On Cleaning Granite Surfaces

Of all the possible materials that can be used to furnish a kitchen, none can hold a candle to the sheer appeal and versatility of granite. A stone substance known for its visible mineral grain, granite makes for the perfect kitchen countertop due to its sturdiness, high heat resistance, and antibacterial properties. Homeowners love granite for its advantages, and it helps that it also comes in a wide range of colors.

For all its pros, granite is still susceptible to staining, as with any countertop material. Homeowners should be wary of how they use their kitchen surfaces and shouldn’t forget to clean up after preparing dishes. There are several ways to clean granite properly, and owners will want to follow these steps to the letter to prevent the stone from incurring permanent damage.

Aside from the usual dust cloth and water swabbing, granite will need the occasional detergent cleaning to ensure that it remains germ-free. Homeowners are advised to use a gentle stone cleaner to avoid burning the surface with acidic substances. Additionally, owners shouldn’t use cleaning tools that are abrasive, as they can scratch the surface and ruin the stone’s sealant. For tougher stains, a solution of baking soda and dish soap can wash away the stubborn marks without harming the granite.