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Why Stone Countertops are the Standard

A typical American kitchen is not complete without a good countertop. In fact, it can be said that a good countertop is what makes a good kitchen. It is where we usually perform the art (and sometimes science) of preparing food and drinks as well as consuming them. Truly, countertops are a major part of every American kitchen.

There are many different kinds of countertops out there, but the most popular are those made of stone. Stone is basically the standard material of choice in the world of countertops. Why is this so? What is it about stone that ensures its prominence among countertops?

Basically, stone is the most suited surface for use in preparing food because it is virtually indestructible, maintenance-free, and has a timeless quality that can be integrated well with almost any kitchen motif you can think of.

Speaking of motif and being classy, each slab of stone is unique. Every single stone pulled from the veins of Mother Earth is of its own mineral color, veining, and speckles which will be given more grandeur thanks to the trained hands of professional stoneworkers. Thus any kind of stone chosen for your kitchen─ like a solid burgundy quartzite or a sky-blue granite─ and applied with a stoneworker’s expertise and labor will be like a work of art because of its distinctive qualities.