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What Affects the Price of Granite Countertops?

Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops. Considering the higher price of granite compared to other countertop materials, this material’s popularity only speaks of its many desirable qualities, such as durability and beauty. Those who are looking into getting granite countertops should know, however, that certain granite types are actually more expensive than others for various reasons.

The first factor that affects granite prices is the size of the slabs. Obviously, larger slabs are more expensive not only because they need to be extracted from a proportionately larger chunk of granite rock, but also because large granite pieces are more difficult to work with. Color is another issue because this attribute also pertains to the availability of the rock. For example, much of the granite slabs that are mined in the U.S. have brownish hue, but the ones that have various shades of grey are usually mined from European quarries. As with most other commodities, the rarer a granite color is, the more expensive that variety becomes.

The fact that the rock is mined from various places across the globe also means that granite slabs can vary in terms of composition. Some of them contain traces of quartz while others have alkali metals. These small additives can change the durability, appearance, and weight of a piece of granite, which in turn influence its price. 


Things to Consider before Buying Granite Countertops in St. Louis, MO

” “Substances that are not granite-countertop-friendly include wine, mustard, oils, and acidic chemicals. However, granite is heat-resistant, and won’t scratch, blister, or crack with normal use. Granite can be cleaned with warm water and a light colored dish soap. Special stone cleaners are available, also. Do not use abrasive cleaners on granite.”

If you want to have granite countertops in St. Louis, MO installed, make sure that you find the right distributors. Established companies like Granite Busters have excellent products for you to choose from.”

Caring for Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops being marketed as maintenance-free? A clear no. They are still susceptible to the likes of stains, thus they still have to be maintained to preserve their integrity. It’s more accurate to say that granite countertops are easy to maintain. That said, here are some things to remember when conducting granite countertop maintenance:

First: remove all loose items and appliances on top of it. Then wipe all the spills or sticky residue using warm water and mild, phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dish soap, preferably light-colored and without aromatics. Then give the countertop a thorough rinsing. Read More…

Granite Counters: Pretty, Hardy, and Easy to Clean

When it comes to choosing countertops, durability is as important as aesthetic appeal. The reasoning is simple: since countertops are used as a food preparation surface, they have to be durable enough to withstand daily use while remaining beautiful and easy to clean. Oftentimes, the choice of material determines these positive qualities. Read More…

Why Choose Granite Countertops for St. Louis Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Granite is an extremely durable stone substance, making it a suitable countertop material. It helps that granite’s natural looks are also very appealing, and will suit the style of most kitchen layouts. Skeptical homeowners should purchase granite countertops in St. Louis and see for themselves how well the substance performs as a surface.

It is said that granite is second only to diamond in the field of durability, and with close care, it can last virtually forever; granite is also extremely easy to clean, especially since the material can be sealed in order to prevent spills from leaving ugly and permanent stains. Due to the natural formations of granite, no two slabs ever look the same, making each piece unique and organic in design. Granite comes in different colors as well, allowing householders to select a shade that best complements their kitchen; colored granite also doesn’t need painting, nor does it fade, so homeowners don’t have to worry about repainting.

Granite Kitchen Countertops: Factors to Consider

There are several important factors that must be considered before installing granite kitchen countertops.

Pros and Cons, Quality over Costs

Despite its durability, granite can also be porous, hence, the need for added sealers and proper maintenance. Although it can be costly to purchase and install granite tiles or slabs, it pays off considerably well, and for a lifetime. You wouldn’t have to worry about bacterial contamination, safety/health hazards, and maintenance issues as granite countertops can be the most resilient and luminous surface your home will ever have.

Think about the frequency and manner by which you utilize your kitchen countertops. Compare the costs and level of maintenance needed when you use granite over other materials. Carefully evaluate the pros and cons and always prioritize quality over expenses.

Design and Installation

Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and you can’t just pick anything at random if you don’t want to mess up the overall theme of your home. You will need the services of an expert granite designer or contractor for more visually striking, durable, and efficient kitchen countertops. Opt for custom granite countertops for a personal and distinctive kitchen.

Consider professional installation of granite backsplash, sink, and floors on your kitchen for that sophisticated and timeless appeal. It’s not just so you can take pride in an appealing and functional kitchen; you can also increase the resale value of your home. It’s an investment worth considering for a more stylish, hazard-free, and valuable residence.

A Guide in Picking the Best Granite Countertops

Regarded as one of the best kitchen and bathroom additions, granite countertops are durable, reliable, and they come in various colors and designs to boot. However, that doesn’t mean that they can just be bought right off the bat: granite slabs can be too heavy for a kitchen or too dull-looking for a bathroom. There’s also the fact that granite slabs are individually different from each other, which means that it can be hard to create a consistent design or color theme for them.

This can be fixed by simply sticking to one color range when buying individual tiles or slabs. Aside from the obvious need to remain homogenous, it is likely that those that match in color were also mined from the same block of granite. This mean that they should more or less have the same durability and texture. This color range has to be followed strictly because there’s no way to repaint or redecorate a granite countertop; the only remedy would be to buy a new one, which is going to be definitely costly again.

An important reminder is to consider every purchase to be final, because granite countertops are difficult to replace in favor of a different one. Consulting with a professional home decorator can also prove useful. That way, buyers can be properly advised as to their granite purchases for their homes.