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Love Your Countertop? Check These Maintenance Tips

Stone countertops like granite are designed to take the punishing action common in kitchens. This means withstanding heavy cookware, hot pots, liquid spills, and sticky ingredients. A good countertop is, therefore, one that lets you do what you want to make in the kitchen–quiches, casseroles, sweets, pastries—without having to worry about damages and broken tiles.

However, not all countertops share the same strength and resilience. Marble, for instance, is more prone to cracking and staining than granite; but marble is a good countertop for baking. If you want your countertop to last a long time, here are several tips to prevent major damages.

For Marble

As mentioned before, marble is perfect for baking but cracks and stains easily. Regular sealing is a good way to keep the surface workable for kneading dough and other baking processes. In addition, keep kitchen appliances on the countertop to a minimum, and avoid placing heavy-duty kitchen appliances, such as the mixer, on them.

For Quartz

Experts laud quartz for its many strengths and few weaknesses. However, a quartz countertop is no place for a scalding pot as quartz isn’t as resistant to heat as other stone countertops like granite. When putting a hot pot on a quartz countertop, use a pot base to prevent the heat from damaging the quartz. 


What Affects the Price of Granite Countertops?

Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops. Considering the higher price of granite compared to other countertop materials, this material’s popularity only speaks of its many desirable qualities, such as durability and beauty. Those who are looking into getting granite countertops should know, however, that certain granite types are actually more expensive than others for various reasons.

The first factor that affects granite prices is the size of the slabs. Obviously, larger slabs are more expensive not only because they need to be extracted from a proportionately larger chunk of granite rock, but also because large granite pieces are more difficult to work with. Color is another issue because this attribute also pertains to the availability of the rock. For example, much of the granite slabs that are mined in the U.S. have brownish hue, but the ones that have various shades of grey are usually mined from European quarries. As with most other commodities, the rarer a granite color is, the more expensive that variety becomes.

The fact that the rock is mined from various places across the globe also means that granite slabs can vary in terms of composition. Some of them contain traces of quartz while others have alkali metals. These small additives can change the durability, appearance, and weight of a piece of granite, which in turn influence its price. 

No Two Granite Countertops are the Same

You can have the same granite countertop from the same manufacturer, as well as the same color scheme. In the end, however, no two countertops are alike.

Granite is a hodgepodge of minerals, mostly feldspar and quartz, which more or less influence the outcome of a granite slab’s pattern. Except for sealants to protect its porous surface from spills, granite countertop manufacturers never put anything to influence its color. They simply cut the slab as is into usable pieces. Read More…

Granite Countertops in St. Louis: Stunning, Sophisticated, and Safe

“So there you have it—the real threat of radon exposure is more likely to be found in the dirt under and around your home, and not from a granite countertop. If you’re still worried, DecodedScience.com recommends to keep your kitchen aired out to avoid the buildup of radon gas in the air.

To learn more about high-quality granite countertops in St. Louis that your home deserves, consult with a granite expert from established companies like Granite Busters.”

Cleaning and Stain Removal for Granite Countertops

Let’s say you’ve just had your kitchen renovated and gotten yourself a new granite countertop while you were at it. While granite is definitely among the strongest countertop materials available, you’ll still need to clean it of all the stains and grime it’s sure to sustain over its long service life. It won’t be easy, but with the following tips, you’ll be on your way to cooking with a dirt and stain-free countertop: Read More…

Unique and Durable Granite Countertops

Dimension stone refers to natural stone that has been selected and fabricated to specific sizes and shapes. Most dimension stones are selected for their durability, strength, resistance to weather conditions and decay, as well as their appearance. Fabrication methods like trimming, cutting, drilling, grounding, and other methods are used to fashion dimension stone to its final state. Since ancient times, granite has been quarried, fabricated, and installed by various cultures. Some of the world’s most famous sculptures, temples, public buildings, and memorials were constructed using granite. Read More…

Caring for Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are among the most durable and long-lasting materials of its class. Nevertheless, like almost anything in your house, it also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, this job wouldn’t exactly get you bending over backwards to accomplish.

The easiest yet effective way to clean a granite countertop is to wipe it with warm water and a few drops of mild dish washing detergent or antibacterial detergent on a soft cloth. This is a gentle way to clean the grime and grease from your counter, and it’s highly unlikely to damage its surface. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Read More…