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St. Louis Granite Countertops Will Keep Kitchens Look and Feel Clean

“Restaurant kitchens aren’t the only places that need hygienic environments to be able to serve good food. Mound City households that want to maintain a “healthy” kitchen while preparing dinner should consider getting granite countertops from St. Louis granite fabricators, such as Granite Busters, to help keep their kitchen spic-and-span.

Kitchens can easily become breeding grounds for different types of bacteria. As the article mentions, countertops and utensils that come in contact with food can carry different kinds of germs. These food-related bacteria can cause serious illnesses among family members.”


Granite Countertops are Ideal for Kitchens

The countertops are what a lot of people first notice when they step into someone’s kitchen for the first time. A good-looking countertop can make the entire kitchen appealing and inviting. First-time homebuyers like you may find choosing countertop materials a bit daunting. However, it is pretty easy to find a material that will suit your needs perfectly if you know what to look for. Read More…

Why Choose Granite Countertops for Kitchens?

Picking a type of countertop that can make your kitchen stand out could be a challenging task. Since a countertop is not a typical furniture that you can easily decide to replace when you find that it doesn’t match your kitchen, you have to be think long and hard before making a final decision. If you’re wondering which countertop material possesses a number of desirable qualities, you may have your answer in granite.

A granite countertop is popular for its wide range of features, colors, and patterns. In fact, no two granite countertops in the world will look exactly the same, so you can expect that the one you have at home is definitely one-of-a-kind. Each slab of granite has a distinct arrangement of swirls, veins, and speckles.

Beauty is an undeniable quality of granite countertops and this is the reason they stand out among all other countertop materials. Other types of stone countertops are no match to granite’s natural glaze and smoothness. Having one in your kitchen will boost the appeal of all other elements that you’re going to add to your design.

Finally, granite countertops are extremely durable. They can last a lifetime if you carefully maintain them. Furthermore, it’s not prone to early deterioration or wear, so it will still look good as new after several years, keeping your kitchen elegant and timeless for a long time to come.