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Choosing the Right Granite Color

Adding a granite countertop to your kitchen will instantly make it more appealing and functional. After choosing the right countertop size and style though, you’re probably wondering what color you should get. Countertops are a major focal point, so you don’t want its hue to clash with the rest of your kitchen or disappear meekly into the background. To help you find the perfect shade, here are some tips to consider:

Picture This
Before heading out to a retailer, use a camera or your smartphone to take pictures of your kitchen. Make sure to snap photos of your walls, floors, windows, cabinets and your dining set. When you get to the store, hold up the pictures against the displayed countertops to get a better idea of what color works for your kitchen.

Light or Dark
If you want a sleek, sophisticated look, go for a darker countertop. You can pair a black countertop light-colored cabinets, for example. Do note that darker colors can make a room feel smaller. If you want an open, inviting feel on the other hand, lighter colors like cream or beige are great choices.

Try it Out
Many countertop manufacturers have virtual tools that help you visualize what their countertop would look like in your home. Cycle through the various shades they offer till you find one that you love.