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Granite Grandeur: Why Choose Granite Countertops

Some time ago, granite countertops became the most popular kitchen additions in the country. It might seem like a passing fad, yet granite still remains a very popular material among homeowners as a countertop choice. Granite’s fame isn’t accidental, as the extremely durable material has several advantages and benefits that make it one of the most perfect substances to use in the kitchen.

Perhaps the most notable advantage of granite is that it seldom hosts harmful bacteria, at least with regular cleaning. Kitchens need to be extremely clean in order to prevent food-borne diseases, and it’s a very big plus that granite is a very sterile substance. It also helps that granite’s surface is easy to clean of stains, and it keeps its luster for a very long time.

While being a clean surface is reason to use granite as a countertop, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal the surface also has. Granite is available in a multitude of colors, and its geological patterns are both organic and mesmerizing. The material is so well-recognized, that having them as countertops easily raises the entire property’s value considerably. All these considered, granite countertops are durable and stylish investments that every homeowner should seriously consider, even without the hype surrounding them.