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Granite Shopping Tips: Choosing the Slab

One of the best tips in having granite countertops installed is to choose the slab yourself. This way, you can really distinguish between the different colors and unique designs, for that truly one-of-a-kind look. Here are some tips on how you can check out the different slabs on display in your local granite fabricator:

Minor Differences

Note that while every granite slab is unique, the differences can be quite vague, so it’s best to check the slabs together by placing them side by side. If you’re choosing multiple slabs for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, choose color and design matches that look great and eye-catching when set up in one room together.

Check for Damage

Since granite looks naturally rough and with an uneven design, you won’t readily notice any cracks or chipped parts until you really felt it with your hands. You should steer clear of slabs like this, as they are already prone to water damage. If you have to buy one, though, make sure that you have it repaired and stained before using it.

Sample Slabs

If you’ve chosen a slab with a design that you’re particularly interested in, you might be able to ask for a sample from your fabricator to take home. Then, lay the sample piece against the surface that you want to use it on to find out if it will look great.