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How to Choose A Granite Countertop

A kitchen won’t be complete without a granite countertop. Granite tops other materials for making kitchen countertops due to its many uniquely beneficial features. In choosing a counter for your kitchen, there are several factors you need to consider:

Color and Pattern

Your choice of countertop should be based on the overall look and style of your kitchen. Choose which color and pattern match that of your kitchen walls and ceiling. Otherwise, your countertop will be completely out of place, ruining the entire kitchen interior design. To make sure you will be choosing the right type of granite counter, seek to bring home some sample pieces of granite to try on your floor and wall.


Granite does not have the smooth and shiny appearance you want at the onset of the manufacturing process. Their surface is normally coarse when they arrive at the manufacturer’s store from the quarry and they still have to be smoothed. Reliable granite countertop providers will make sure that all surfaces, even the edges of the slab, are smooth. If you find several areas with dull-looking scrapes, this countertop has been poorly finished.

Cracks and Breaks

Since granite does not decompose, a granite countertop can be repaired. This is the reason why you will see a lot of used granites making a huge sale on the market. If you’re considering buying high quality granite countertop, look for a brand-new one, or at least check for cracks and breaks that may diminish its aesthetic value.


Granite Countertops in St Louis Kitchens Can Raise Property Values

“Out in the Midwest, perhaps one of the most sought-after additions to any kitchen are lovely granite countertops for St Louis homes. Folks might want to purchase these elegant fixtures from retailers like Granite Busters in order to add class and value to their houses. Such installations do not only serve as smooth and strong surfaces on which one can whip up meals. They also serve as key accents in the room.

As such, they would prove important in case homeowners decide to sell their residence and want good returns. Renovating kitchens can raise the value of a property, as well as make the building look much more enticing to buyers looking for a chic and hip place. The addition of popular granite counters can truly bring out the beauty of a plain space.”