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A Guide in Picking the Best Granite Countertops

Regarded as one of the best kitchen and bathroom additions, granite countertops are durable, reliable, and they come in various colors and designs to boot. However, that doesn’t mean that they can just be bought right off the bat: granite slabs can be too heavy for a kitchen or too dull-looking for a bathroom. There’s also the fact that granite slabs are individually different from each other, which means that it can be hard to create a consistent design or color theme for them.

This can be fixed by simply sticking to one color range when buying individual tiles or slabs. Aside from the obvious need to remain homogenous, it is likely that those that match in color were also mined from the same block of granite. This mean that they should more or less have the same durability and texture. This color range has to be followed strictly because there’s no way to repaint or redecorate a granite countertop; the only remedy would be to buy a new one, which is going to be definitely costly again.

An important reminder is to consider every purchase to be final, because granite countertops are difficult to replace in favor of a different one. Consulting with a professional home decorator can also prove useful. That way, buyers can be properly advised as to their granite purchases for their homes.


Slabs of Granite from St Louis Suppliers Make the Best Kitchen Surface

“Besides appreciating their high strength and density, homeowners would love granite counters for their natural beauty. Each cut comes in distinct patterns and colors, which is why most designers claim that no two granite counters are the same. Homeowners can choose among styles ranging from black forest to black galaxy and decide which fits well with their kitchen interior. To get the best selection of high-quality slabs of granite in St Louis, it is crucial to visit only reliable suppliers, such as Granite Busters.

Unfortunately, not all granite counter installers know the type of granite that best suits a kitchen. In such cases, the homeowner or the installers themselves can consult expert designers, who usually work with St. Louis granite suppliers. This is extremely important considering that the material is not easy to transport and install.”