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Granite Choices for Your Countertop

Granite is the classic countertop choice, usually installed as either stone slabs or tiles. It comes in three possible patterns, various finishes and in almost every color imaginable, rendering it flexible to homeowners’ design preferences. Patterned granite can accentuate a bland-looking kitchen, while granite with either a glossy or honed finish can mount illusions that accentuate the room and top’s true look.

Granite can have solid, marbled or speckled patterns. Solid patterns are ideal for homeowners who wish to retain a plain yet unified design in the kitchen. Marbled patterns, as its name suggests, resemble marble; the interplay between color and texture can lend a high-end feel to the countertop by looking like real marble. On the other hand, speckled granite has an interesting spread-out design. This provides a visual dimension to quiet and neutrals-dominant kitchens; it also complements cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

Honed countertops give off a matte look. This sometimes visually transforms granite into a different material. Polished, glossy granites are ideal for small kitchens as it reflects light, making the space seem larger than it actually is.
Granite can be styled and installed in different ways and places.Contact a fabricator experienced in handling granite countertops at St Louis, MO.